My Miracle Dåbskjole (EN)

Om My Miracle Dåbskjole (EN)

The beautiful christening gown was created for Maiken’s little miracle. The design is unisex, featuring a smooth-knitted yoke and a simple butterfly pattern that celebrates the grace of butterflies and draws attention to biodiversity. The gown is knitted in 100% silk from A Knitters World, giving it a beautiful and luxurious expression. It’s worked top-down with an i-cord under the yoke and at the neckline. On the back, there’s a lovely detail with sweet and practical small buttons down the i-cord edge of the skirt.



Løbelængde pr. 50 g.


Tøjstr. (Baby)

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Struktur og teknik

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Pind og nålestørrelse

Uddybende information

The design of the dress is inspired by the beauty and symbolism of the butterfly. The exterior of the butterfly has given the dress its intricate details in the skirt's lace pattern, and its graceful movements can be seen in the skirt's gentle swaying. However, the allegorical meaning of the butterfly constitutes the spirit of the dress. The butterfly symbolizes the human soul and transformation. The metamorphosis that the butterfly undergoes, from larva to pupa to butterfly, is a life development we can all recognize. In the Christian context, the butterfly can be interpreted as three stages: life, death, and resurrection. My Miracle is the tangible evidence of life and a tribute to it.
If you would like to read more about the creation of My Miracle, you can do so: here 
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